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Release 1.4.2023

9:16 Adapter

optical Picture rotating

1st official Announcement

This adapter will revolutionize the work with 9:16 content!

Take 2 million DLP micro-mirrors (8 million for UHD) and rotate a portrait ratio visual picture pixel-wise to 16:9.
Up to now this was impossible – but I worked it out and made it possible with the help of Chrosziel and my good fellow Marc Ullrich (Backlight Production Dortmund) who supported and inspired me to bring this product to life.

Officially announced on 1.4.2023 we want to bring this product to market until end of the year, coming in a low-budget EF-to-E-mount

and a high-sophisticated PL-to-E-mount version.

Rota-Z Adapter

A simple concept: We pixelate the light beam and reflect single "pixels" to another position - it´s like repositioning a puzzle into another order, in our case from a 9:16 raster into 16:9.

The mirrors are translucent and phase-dependend, so the light can be reflected (mirror) and also pass the mirrors (after phase shifting).

Make it Happen!

We need publicity – please share this video with your collegues and in your social media channels!

First working sample mounted to my Sony FX6.

This is the Chrosziel PL version, offering only one stop of light loss due to the additional phase inversion lighting (PIL).

The lower priced EF version will not have PIL, so it looses 2 stops of light – I don´t see a problem with that, since modern cameras offer ISO 12.800 natively, that´s easy to compensate.


Hier auch die deutsche Version.

Got any questions?
Don´t hesitate to contact me about the adapter, about film & grading workshops or simply for my film work as DoP | Editor | Colorist.

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